Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bounce - Bounce - Bounce

Well with the snow settling into Winnipeg I decided it was time to find some healthy indoor activities for the girls.

I washed up some of the outdoor toys (the slide, spinner) and bought a playmat puzzle for the basement. The girls have been having fun in their new area.

I have two friends who both bought for their kids mini trampolines. Everytime my kids go to their homes they bounce away. So I headed to Walmart & looked through the fitness department for a mini trampoline. There it was for a mere $40. My girls have been jumping since. What an awesome buy! They love it. Right now it is in the living room so that they can jump under supervision & while listening to music - we will see how long I can handle that before it moves down stairs.

A great buy for getting rid of some winter energy!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Operation Christmas Child

Each year I take part in the Operation Christmas Child shoebox drive. I get my shoebox & fill it with treats & goodies for a little one somewhere in the world who needs a little love.

This year we took part especially for our girls. It is tough for them to grasp what it is like (well really for any of us!) to live in a third world country & the hardships children their age experience each day. Searching for food, clean water, yearning to attend school.

So last sunday we picked up our Christmas boxes at church & Friday night we headed to Dollarama to fill it with goodies. The girls loved picking items to send & really looked for something "their girl" would like. Sadie even picked out some really cute items for her box. When we got home we put the items into our boxes (and had to create another box since we went a bit overboard!) and the girls coloured & decorated their boxes.

This morning we sealed the boxes and the girls were so excited to bring their boxes to church for the Christmas box service. Sadie had to carry her box into church all by herself & she actually struggled with it but would not give it to us - she had to carry it. Skylar took the 3 boxes to her class & then during the service placed the boxes on the large pile at the front of the church. We then watched a video of the kids around the world receiving the boxes.

The whole experience was certainly two fold. Our children need to remember those around us who are in need. Even if those in need are halfway around the world. I want them to grow up socially aware and empathetic. I am also thankful we were given the opportunity to give our meager gifts to 3 deserving children in the world & pray they are blessed by our very small sacrifice.

Take the time to so something for a small child who needs something to smile about! Do a Christmas box for Operation Christmas Child.

Friday, November 4, 2011

It's Official - She is Stuck with Us

Well yesterday was a very important day for us Lussier's. Skylar's adoption was finalized & signed off by a judge. She is stuck with us forever . . . .

We started the day by getting ready & going to CFS where Skylar got to catch up with her old social worker Andre - who she loves. Andre came all the way in from Winkler for 9am just to attend Skylar's signing. It meant alot to all of us. We then walked over to the court house & into the judge's chambers where he welcomed us & signed the official adoption papers & congratulated us on our "forever family". Sky was really nervous but I am so happy we had the opportunity to be there when the document was signed.

Afterwards we changed into some "fun" clothes & then headed to Kid City for the afternoon. We had a blast. All in all an amazing day that I am so thankful for.

I've posted a picture of us all at the judges chambers.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween

I cannot believe that tomorrow is already Halloween! This year has just flown by. The girls are so excited & I am excited to see them enjoy tomorrow too!

This week we went to Boo at the Zoo and the girls had a blast. They went on rides & dined on mini donuts. Both were adorable in their costumes - Sadie is a mouse this year & Skylar is a black cat.

Tonight we had Grandma & Grandpa Siemens over & Tummy Mummy Janae to carve pumpkins. The girls had a blast. Skylar did an Angry Bird pumpkin & Sadie helped me with a Kitty Cat. Naturally they dined on way too many candies so bed time was very interesting tonite. I can only imagine what tomorrow night will be like!

Overall an amazing few days of family fun. I am blessed!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Last night Sadie had a hard time at bedtime. She was out of sorts & cried quite a bit which is very rare for her at bedtime. Generally she just gets in bed asks for books & says goodnight. But I actually love the nights she needs me. I love to cuddle with her & stroke her hair & have her so close & still. Now that she is so active these moments are few & far between. I often wonder if moms who haven't had a struggle to have children cherish these moments as much as I do. I could sit there all night and hold her.

After leaving Sadies room I crawled into bed with Skylar and had some girl chat with her. Things are so much more interesting when you are whispering them in bed aren't they? I love to snuggle up with her & rub her back while she tells me all about the cute boy in school and every little detail about Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber's visit to Winnipeg. I didn't have those early year snuggles so I want to make sure I get as many as I can now while she lets me. No doubt the older she gets the less we will snuggle but I am gonna fight hard to keep them going as long as I can!

Boo at the Zoo tonight - Pics to come!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Here is a pic of the girls on Sadie's birthday.  Aren't they adorable?

Waaaaaaaaaaaay too long!

Okay - I honestly cannot believe it has been this long since my last post! Shame on me. Well my girls are now one year older. Sadie is now 2 and Skylar is now 9. Time goes way too fast! Both are thriving & keeping me & D'Arcy very busy. I am loving that Sadie can now talk (although she goes on & on & on & on lately). Skylar is now so comfortable in her own skin that I cannot begin to say how happy that makes me. She is just being a little girl & letting us worry about "life" and that is so awesome!

I am gonna post two photo's of the girls. One of Sadie's new "thing" she loves to take anything with a smooth texture & rub it all over her face. Paint, pudding, whip topping, gravy - you name it. On this one posted D'Arcy & Sky & I were goofing around in the kitchen while Sadie finished off her pudding & Skylar turned to face Sadie & her eyes popped out of her head. We laughed so hard - I couldn't even tell Sadie was under all that chocolate pudding.

Well I will post again soon. Want to get back into writing. Don't abandon me - I will keep writing.


Monday, May 16, 2011

Ahhhhhhh - Sunshine!

I cannot tell you how much I love this time of year. Hanging in the yard with the girls. Nothing better. Sadie has now learned a new word "Slide". I picked up a Little Tikes slide for her at a garage sale for $1 and let me tell ya - the best dollar I ever spent! She loves it. It is amazing how a 2 year old can do something over & over & over & over & never tire.

Skylar is loving bike riding & soccer & basically living outside with the kids in the neighbourhood. I love seeing her run around smiling from ear to ear. She just cannot get enough of her friends.

Her first soccer game is tomorrow night and I am not sure who is more excited - D'Arcy or Skylar. Sky looks pretty sharp in her soccer uniform & she is serious as can be. D'Arcy is the proud papa on the sideline & I couldn't be happier seeing how proud he is of his girl.

Life is grand. I love the weather, love my girls - what else can a girl ask for?

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Fun - Part 2

Ahhhhh - Easter. Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate!

We had my side of the family over yesterday for Easter & it was so nice to get together. The kids were outside the majority of the time & had a blast running off their extra sugar consumption. The Rice Crispy Easter squares were a hit!

Today was a bit more laid back. We decorated eggs, got messy! And then enjoyed Smeeps (Smores made with Peeps). We decided that we will definitely keep the Smeep tradition going. It was sooooooo yummy!

Tomorrow we will have our Easter Hunt & then off to Baba & PePere's for most likely another Easter Hunt & dinner. A busy weekend but we are having some awesome time with our girls.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Fun

I thought I would share these two ideas I found on a few of my favourite blogs. I made the S'Meep packs for family & naturally us to enjoy this weekend. And I am going to make the rice crispy squares for our Easter gathering.

Shopping as a "Mom"

Sky & I did a little shopping tonight and I came to a very scary realization. We were browsing through the young girls clothes & I kept thinking to myself - these are some ugly bright busy clothes. The 80's are returning & it is not good. Skylar was showing me the clothes she wanted to try on & I was thinking - really? You like that? Then it hit me like a tonne of bricks. I am not cool. I cannot comment on fashion for my young daughter. If the whole department has the same sort of clothes - that is the fashion - whether I think it is or not. I AM NOT COOL. Ugh - what a realization - total burst to my ego. I then just about went to the thought that I was turning into my mother but quickly shut that down. No need to go there now.

So I have resolved that as long as the clothing fits appropriately, is not revealing, has a positive message (no skulls or vampires), and is something daddy won't veto then I am going to let my girl be a young girl & enjoy it. I am pretty sure that my mom did not like me wearing pajama pants, neon shirts, scrunchies that matched my shirt (okay maybe she did like that), wearing my sweatshirts inside out, acid wash jeans, "Choose Life" shirts, but she let me and I thought I was pretty "cool".

So I guess the next "issue" will be heels & makeup? Give me strength!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

What is new????????

Well I can honestly say that life is moving way too fast. I look at Sadie & tear up at the thought of her turning 2. I see such a beautiful young woman in Skylar & I want to rewind her so I can savour her for a few more years.

I feel like my whole life right now is my girls & I am trying to put that into balance but that is really hard. I waited so long for my family that it is hard for me to take a step back & ensure that I get time - I don't want to miss anything.

I marvel at other Mom's who dress their kids well, take them to sports, feed them right, clean their homes, work out, look great & have date nights. I honestly cannot figure out how to do it all. I fall into bed at night & can't remember what I did half an hour ago. I have a stack of books I am dying to read on my nightstand that are gathering dust. I can't keep my eyes open long enough to get through the first page.

And I am continually thinking of things I am missing - taking pictures, writing in Sadies baby book, organizing Sky's school work, returning calls, seeing friends, taking video's of the girls during "Lussier after dinner dance hour", washing those hand prints off of the window, mirror, tub, wall, fridge, cabinet, door - - - and the carpet! I am embarassed to even have someone look at it. But how on earth can you clean a carpet every day! My girls are a disaster with spills!

Well just writing this makes me want to take a nap. And it is story time in the Lussiers house. I love my life - I just need to find some balanace!

Thursday, March 17, 2011


It seems that when good things happen in Skylar's life (like another great report card!) she misses her Mommy Janae more than normal. I think there is a part of her that feels guilty to be so happy without Mom Janae. I hate to see her struggle with this but I also know Sky can handle it. She has been through so much & has weathered so well - much to the credit of great family support.

On the ride home from her Parent/Teacher meeting she expressed she missed Mommy Janae. I told her I missed her too & that hopefully she would be at my birthday party this weekend at the Siemens. She then asked quite a few more questions. Anyone who says that kids don't know things is very wrong. Skylar can pick up on pretty much anything & has no problem asking questions. Which I think is what she had to do to take care of herself & survive. It is hard for her to let go & let me & D'Arcy take care of the things little girls shouldn't have to deal with.

At bed time she got up to say that she really couldn't sleep because she was thinking of Mommy Janae so I suggested we sit & pray for her. Maybe that would make her feel better. So we cuddled up in bed & prayed for Janae. For the beautiful woman she is. For her giggles and her love. For her free spirit and for loving her girls so much that she trusted me & D'Arcy to watch over her little angels. I know that it seems strange to be praying for my daughters Mommy but it gives me great comfort to know that Skylar feels comfortable telling me her innermost feelings & I truly do love Janae so much. I want to be part of the calming for Skylar & to ensure she knows how much Janae loves and adores her. I want her to fall asleep knowing that she is loved so much by Mommy Janae, Mommy Michelle & Daddy D'Arcy. That is what is best for our little angel and I know that we all agree she is what is most important.

Monday, February 21, 2011


Well - it has been way too long.

My last post was the day I was gonna hit the treadmill only to go downstairs to see my husband had dismantled it. And he only re-assembled it tonight after weeks of harassment. So tomorrow is the day - and believe it or not I am actually looking forward to it.

Life has been busy but good. Sort of thankful that tomorrow is back to the normal grind. It has been a very busy weekend. We had a Wall New Years party last night (after several cancellations due to sick kids) - it was a blast & made me realize how amazing my friends are and how blessed I am. The girls had a blast snacking & playing with their "friend-cousins".

D & I had a date night on Saturday night. A yummy dinner at Kelseys sans enfants (without kids) and then to the Roller Derby. It was alot of fun! It was so awesome to spend time with my honey & just relax. Thank you to Grandma & Grandpa Siemens for coming in & watching the girls & saving us a small fortune in babysitting $$$$.

Been thinking alot about life & where I am at. Turning the big 40 in a few weeks & it has made me very sappy & thought provoked. Alot has happened in 2 years more than I could ever have imagined - two beautiful girls. I have been very focused on them & I am thinking I now need to take care of me a bit more to ensure I am around to see their futures. And yes - that means hopping on that treadmill tomorrow!

Wish me luck . . . . .

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Today is the day. I will get on the treadmill. I will. Today. As soon as Sadie is down for her nap I will head down to the treadmill. I will. Go down to the treadmill.

Update to come. . . . .

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It Takes A Village . . .

I have come to realize that my girls need so much more than just Mom & Dad.

Sadie lights up when Grandpa Murchison comes to play. She can't get enough of him. I am able to sneak away for a bit & she is thrilled I let her have Grandpa all to herself. She adores him & I am pretty sure he adores her just as much.

Skylar loves to go to Baba Lussiers to play. Baba gives her 100% of her attention & will do anything Skylar asks her to play. She comes home so happy to have had time with Baba - all to herself. And Grandma & Grandpa Siemens - they are Skylar's world. She loves them more than life itself & I am so happy she has them to love her & spoil her. She feels so special when she is with them & that is exactly how she should feel!

The girls also love their cousins. I love seeing Sadie & Kylee chase each other & giggle. Jayden follow Skylar around to see what she is up to. Fin feeling all important because he is no longer the baby - Sadie is. And Chloe, Owen & Skylar running around & playing video games. I love that they have this family connection. I fondly remember my cousins & still love them all.

We are blessed to have so many who love our girls so much. Our girls are blessed to have so many play mates & grandparents who love them & care for them.

It truly does take a village - and I love the village I am a part of!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Steven Curtis Chapman

My best friend Melissa let me know earlier this week that one of our favourite artists - Steven Curtis Chapman was coming to Winnipeg. Just last year at a concert we had talked about who we would love to come to Winnipeg & my request was Steven. So to say I am thrilled is putting it mildly.

While ordering the tickets today I visited his website to check out his blog & peek at some of his new songs. I downloaded his new album & have been listening to it all afternoon. Might I add crying as well. A few years ago Steven lost his daughter and this album is all about the journey his family and him have taken with God. His blog & music allow his fans into his inner most thoughts. I am now even more excited to see him in March.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Way too Long!

I know it has been way too long since my last post. Unfortunately we have had a long run of the stomach flu around here & I have been living in BARF central. We all know how that is for me. Let's just say when Skylar was sick if I had to be with her I had a bowl for me too. Not good. Poor D'Arcy. Not only was he caring for a sick child but a wife that threw up each time his daughter did. Then I got the stomach flu on New Years Eve. Happy 2011!

D'Arcy & I were discussing how neither of us could remember having the stomach flu & I had never seen D'Arcy throw up until this last week. Ahhhhhh - the memories. Those little ones carry alot of germs!

Life is somewhat back to normal & I was all too happy to tear down the Christmas decorations & get back some much needed space in the house. Thankfully my girls helped purge their rooms before we put away their new toys. I want them to learn early that "stuff" is just "stuff" and it is good to give to others when you get too many.

Here is an updated pic of the girls - I am blessed.