Thursday, March 17, 2011


It seems that when good things happen in Skylar's life (like another great report card!) she misses her Mommy Janae more than normal. I think there is a part of her that feels guilty to be so happy without Mom Janae. I hate to see her struggle with this but I also know Sky can handle it. She has been through so much & has weathered so well - much to the credit of great family support.

On the ride home from her Parent/Teacher meeting she expressed she missed Mommy Janae. I told her I missed her too & that hopefully she would be at my birthday party this weekend at the Siemens. She then asked quite a few more questions. Anyone who says that kids don't know things is very wrong. Skylar can pick up on pretty much anything & has no problem asking questions. Which I think is what she had to do to take care of herself & survive. It is hard for her to let go & let me & D'Arcy take care of the things little girls shouldn't have to deal with.

At bed time she got up to say that she really couldn't sleep because she was thinking of Mommy Janae so I suggested we sit & pray for her. Maybe that would make her feel better. So we cuddled up in bed & prayed for Janae. For the beautiful woman she is. For her giggles and her love. For her free spirit and for loving her girls so much that she trusted me & D'Arcy to watch over her little angels. I know that it seems strange to be praying for my daughters Mommy but it gives me great comfort to know that Skylar feels comfortable telling me her innermost feelings & I truly do love Janae so much. I want to be part of the calming for Skylar & to ensure she knows how much Janae loves and adores her. I want her to fall asleep knowing that she is loved so much by Mommy Janae, Mommy Michelle & Daddy D'Arcy. That is what is best for our little angel and I know that we all agree she is what is most important.