Sunday, October 31, 2010


After a delightful dinner of hotdogs & carrot sticks the Halloween Fun began!

Skylar & Sadie suited up in their Fairy & Lady Bug costumes & ventured out. After a quick trip to Pa Pere & Baba's D'Arcy dropped off Sadie so that Skylar & him could effectively cover the neighbourhood. They had a plan!

Sadie absolutely loved all the visitors we got & came to the door with me each time. Saying goodbye to all the cuties that came to the door. Although she wasn't as fond of closing the door once they left. I think she thought it would be better to just stand in the doorway & wait.

Skylar & D'Arcy came & went, came & went, and then came & went. When Skylar was thoroughly exhausted they returned to assess their candy stash. I think Daddy loved going out as much as Skylar - both had such huge smiles when they came in. Rosy, Rosy cheeks but huge smiles.

After many treats & sorting Skylar was off to bed. I love our new life with Skylar & Sadie. Each moment is a memory I cherish. Today was awesome.

Halloween Fun! Saturday - Decorating

Skylar & D'Arcy have been planning the Halloween decorating for weeks now. They have spent Saturday mornings drawing out plans on where everything will go on the lawn & window. And spent hours shopping for decorations. It has been a great project for them!

Saturday the plan got put into reality & Skylar could not have been more excited to spend the day decorating & prepping for Halloween. Baba & Pa Pere came over to help out too.

Sadie spent the whole time following Skylar around & mimicking her every move. She thoroughly enjoyed rolling around on the grass too & absolutely loved it when Skylar joined her for some fun too.

Halloween Fun! Friday Nite - Pumpkin Carving!

The minute Skylar woke up on Friday she asked if we could carve our pumpkins. After supper we chimed & she gave the long sssssssiiiiiiiiiiiiggggggggggghhhhhhh. All right.

Home from school she quickly gets into her "okay to get messy clothes" and asks to help with supper (I think to rush it along). After supper the fun begins & we carve our pumpkins. Sadie enjoyed just watching & getting to play with the pumpkin goop & Skylar made an amazing Cat.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend Fun!

Well there is alot to be thankful for this year. We have two beautiful healthy & happy daughters, a whole new bundle of extended family who we adore, and a marriage that I am thankful for daily. Life is good and I am thankful.

We started our Thanksgiving weekend by heading out to Steinbach for some fun at a corn maze. They also had hay bales, combines, hockey nets, and so much more fun things. We went with the Bowden clan (my sister & her family) and fun was had by all. Sadie loved the little hay bale maze she was in there just moving around & collecting leaves for a good hour. Skylar's favourite was the racing bikes. She rode around that track til I was tired just watching her. But they had so much fun running around & just being wild & crazy kids! I loved watching them.

Today we headed to Baba & PePere's for more festivities. Baba bought the girls gift bags of goodies - books, crafts, clothes, and of course chocolates. So they had a great time colouring with their new gifts and just being crazy at Baba's. We ate & ate & ate & ate & then took home a car load of leftovers.

And can you believe that we still have two more Thanksgivings to celebrate! Yipee! Next weekend my Mom & Dad are gonna have a turkey & the following is fun at the Siemens. God is so good!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Sermon is on What???? SEX

Funny Story

So we have not been the best over the last three months on regularly attending church. We have good intentions but don't seem to follow through. We have been meaning to get back into things & finally this week decided to get up & go.

So our children's birth Grandparents came in from Rosenort to go to church with us (okay so now you know why we finally decided to get up & go). We get to church on time (amazing!) and in good spirits. Everyone is dressed nicely & no spills/vomit etc. I take Skylar down to Sunday School - all is good. Drop Sadie off at Nursery & miraculously all is good. We head into the service & after some worship music the lights dim.

Across the screen "Boom Chicka Wa Wa". I kid you not. I think okay - maybe this means a variety of things & I have used this term incorrectly - nope. The topic is sex. Now I have no problem with talking about sex but I am now concerned about the Grandparents. I am engrossed in the sermon when my husband taps me & says - isn't that Sadies number they are flashing - ooops - yep that is & I have to leave (rats - I might have gotten a few tips). I stay with Sadie who suddenly becomes quite alright & playful when I arrive.

Once the service is over I catch D'Arcy's eye & he grins - too funny. Thankfully the Grandparents seem unscathed & get a chuckle out of the whole thing but goodness God has a sense of humour! I guess that is our punishment for being away so long. Gonna do our best to get back into things & to church on a more regular basis. After all he gave us some pretty amazing blessing this last year - Sadie & Skylar.


Friday, October 1, 2010

Over & Over & Over & Over & . . . .

Do you ever get the feeling that your day is filled with things that you do over & over & over again?

I was just doing laundry for the 700th time this week (okay maybe not 700 but it sure feels like it), then loading my dishwasher, making my bed, tidying the bathroom, putting all the towels in the hamper, rinsing the toothpaste splats from in the sink, picking up toys, picking up socks, picking up cheerios, putting away shoes, hanging up jackets, putting jammies in the hamper, putting nightly water glasses in the sink, picking up books, picking up the paper trail (Sadie loves to help Daddy read the morning paper & take pieces all over the house!) - when I realized that I had done each of these tasks daily thousands of times.

So here is what I was thinking. Maybe I should put a small fee onto each of these tasks & bill the appropriate parties. I could make so much money! I mean threatening, mentioning, complaining isn't working so why not charge a fee & make everyone happy. Even if it was a penny I could easily make $5.00 a week. That could be coffee money, ice cream money or maybe even buy a smutty rumour magazine money.

I think I might be onto something here! I just need to make up an easy billing system . . . . . . Hmmmmm - Maybe I could sell the system to other moms? I could be a millionaire & then pay someone else to do these repetitive tasks. Well something to dream about while distracting myself from thinking about doing these things over & over & over & over again right?

(Ahhhhh if only this would work hey?)