Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It Takes A Village . . .

I have come to realize that my girls need so much more than just Mom & Dad.

Sadie lights up when Grandpa Murchison comes to play. She can't get enough of him. I am able to sneak away for a bit & she is thrilled I let her have Grandpa all to herself. She adores him & I am pretty sure he adores her just as much.

Skylar loves to go to Baba Lussiers to play. Baba gives her 100% of her attention & will do anything Skylar asks her to play. She comes home so happy to have had time with Baba - all to herself. And Grandma & Grandpa Siemens - they are Skylar's world. She loves them more than life itself & I am so happy she has them to love her & spoil her. She feels so special when she is with them & that is exactly how she should feel!

The girls also love their cousins. I love seeing Sadie & Kylee chase each other & giggle. Jayden follow Skylar around to see what she is up to. Fin feeling all important because he is no longer the baby - Sadie is. And Chloe, Owen & Skylar running around & playing video games. I love that they have this family connection. I fondly remember my cousins & still love them all.

We are blessed to have so many who love our girls so much. Our girls are blessed to have so many play mates & grandparents who love them & care for them.

It truly does take a village - and I love the village I am a part of!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Steven Curtis Chapman

My best friend Melissa let me know earlier this week that one of our favourite artists - Steven Curtis Chapman was coming to Winnipeg. Just last year at a concert we had talked about who we would love to come to Winnipeg & my request was Steven. So to say I am thrilled is putting it mildly.

While ordering the tickets today I visited his website to check out his blog & peek at some of his new songs. I downloaded his new album & have been listening to it all afternoon. Might I add crying as well. A few years ago Steven lost his daughter and this album is all about the journey his family and him have taken with God. His blog & music allow his fans into his inner most thoughts. I am now even more excited to see him in March.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Way too Long!

I know it has been way too long since my last post. Unfortunately we have had a long run of the stomach flu around here & I have been living in BARF central. We all know how that is for me. Let's just say when Skylar was sick if I had to be with her I had a bowl for me too. Not good. Poor D'Arcy. Not only was he caring for a sick child but a wife that threw up each time his daughter did. Then I got the stomach flu on New Years Eve. Happy 2011!

D'Arcy & I were discussing how neither of us could remember having the stomach flu & I had never seen D'Arcy throw up until this last week. Ahhhhhh - the memories. Those little ones carry alot of germs!

Life is somewhat back to normal & I was all too happy to tear down the Christmas decorations & get back some much needed space in the house. Thankfully my girls helped purge their rooms before we put away their new toys. I want them to learn early that "stuff" is just "stuff" and it is good to give to others when you get too many.

Here is an updated pic of the girls - I am blessed.