Sunday, August 29, 2010

Play Time!

Wowee - I have adopted a socialite! My girl Skylar can go non-stop with friends from morning til nite!

From the moment she came to live with us our house has been filled with young 8 & 9 year old girls. My day now consists of Zhu Zhu Pets, Webkins, Fashion Shows & High School Musical Sing Alongs.

I do remember playing alot when I was younger but I honestly don't remember playing every hour of the day with friends. Don't get me wrong I actually admire the amount of friendships she is able to juggle & her ability to be a good friend through such long play dates. I am the type of person that needs "personal" breaks from others. A bit of a loner. Not my Skylar! She can go, go, go.

I am so thankful for our neighbourhood & the amount of kids within a one block radius. Some pretty amazing little girls live around us & I am thankful they have opened their homes & friendship circle to my Skylar.

PS - For those mommies entering this stage - ensure that when a fashion show is starting to ensure you set a time limit! It can truly go on all afternoon!

Monday, August 23, 2010


Let me preface this with the assurance that I love my girls & will love them forever & ever.

The day was a bit rough today. Limits were challenged & challenged & challenged. Mommy was fragile. So we go to a movie tonight Beezus & Ramona (a must see! Loved it) and all is well. We laugh we cry we hug. Skylar then says something that absolutely crushes & disappoints me. Something I never could believe she would say or mean. I can honestly say I was not angry - I was truly sad & disappointed.

I am really trying to balance discipline with love. It is a tough pendulum. Specifically when you adopt an 8 year old. You want to ensure you are building her up & giving her a safe & comfortable environment but you also want to ensure that you are giving her enough discipline to ensure that she is a little girl that is well liked & seen for the true beauty she has within.

My childhood came rushing back tonight - I distinctly remember coming home late from the skate park (yeah I was sort of cool - well let me dream) and I was met by my Dad on the front steps. I was so scared. I put my bike away & walked up to the steps where he sat & all he said to me was - Michelle - I am very disappointed in you. He then got up & went into the house. I still remember the horrible feeling that came over me. I was ready for a stern talking to but not at all prepared for those hurt eyes that met mine.

Tonight I felt that same disappointment. I now know it was pure love. Love towards a child that my Dad knew was so much more inside. I felt that same love for Skylar tonight. I want her to feel good about herself & get attention because of her integrity & inner beauty. Not from the "shock comments".

Tonight I pray for guidance - for love to overcome my disappointment and for a beautiful little girl who still has not learnt how truly amazing & beautiful she is - without all the attention seeking.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Girls & Sleepovers

Why is it that girls are obsessed with sleepovers? Or shall we call them what they really are - wakeovers.

Skylar was invited to a sleepover birthday party by one of her BFF's Angelina & all week it is all she has talked about. One moment she was not going - the next she was going but only til midnight, the next going but taking a cell phone just in case. Finally I had to tell her that it wasn't fair to keep Angelina hanging & she needed to make a solid decision & stick with it. Only half an hour before the party did she finally make her final, final, final decision - she would stay the whole night & both her & Angelina were giddy!

She packed her 4 bags (yep for one night & she is only 8) and then off she trekked across the street. I was kind of sad to see her go & worried about if she got scared, homesick, if she was going to walk in her sleep - I was more stressed out than she was!

D'Arcy & I placed bets on when she would be coming home but she wowed us both & came home the next morning with nothing but smiles! Now she of course had next to no sleep (much like mommy!) but I was so happy to see her just enjoy being a little girl. She needs more of that & I love that she is slowly letting go of her self protection & enjoying having fun with kids & being a kid!

I guess now it is my turn to invite some of her BFF's for a sleepover? Oh Lord have mercy! Maybe when both Skylar & I catch up on some much needed sleep!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Blah . . .

Well the past few days I can honestly say I have not been the best Mommy I should be. I have been so tired I could cry & it is almost like the girls can sense that & go on the attack!

Being a Mommy is the absolute best thing in the world but I can honestly say it is also one of the hardest. Today I just wanted to crawl into bed & pull the covers over my head & hide or better still call a sitter & check into a hotel for a night BY MYSELF!

But just when I think I am not going to make it to the next second I hear Sadie saying Ma Ma and Skylar gives me a necklace she made that says "MOM". She hasn't yet called me Mom but today that necklace meant the world to me. You forget they are just kids - and you forget they truly aren't trying to push you over the edge they are just trying to make it to the next second too. I forget that too often!

Well off to cuddle with my Skylar & read some books. I love bedtime!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Each day it seems Sadie shows me a new piece of herself & her environment. I love the new coo's, words, facial expressions & hand movements.

This morning was a little quiet & I think she was missing her big sister Skylar (who is visiting for a few days with Grandma Siemens in Rosenort). Although I must admit she was pretty excited to sit on Skylar's bean bag chair without getting shooooed off by Skylar.

I decided to put on an Elmo DVD. She plunked herself down on her princess chair & pointed to Elmo - "O" - "O". I couldn't help but smile. She then clapped her hands & jumped up & down. Too Cute!

I cherish these small moments in time.