Sunday, November 21, 2010


Well a new portion of my Mommy Training has begun. The "Barf" training. I must say that I am failing miserably in this course!

Skylar was not herself on Friday when she came home from school. Feeling a bit rough. But she desperately wanted to play outside with her friends so we dressed her up in her Winterpeg attire & off she went. I had plans with my best friend Melissa Friday night & came home to a very sick little girl. She was running a fever & was not feeling good to her tummy. I got out the 7Up and the cold cloth & tylenol and worked at getting her fever down. Thankfully her tummy calmed & she was able to sleep for a bit.

Saturday morning Skylar wakes at 6am & is not feeling good. I move her into the living room & get her a bowl & within seconds my girl gets sick. Well I did my very her best to keep Sky's hair out of her face, rubbed her back - BUT - I was gagging like a mad woman & it was not good. Thankfully she had nothing in her tummy except 7Up so things stopped quickly. I excused myself to empty the bowl & spent some time in the bathroom "gathering" myself. She didn't seem to notice me "gagging" behind her back thankfully but still . . . .

I thought that as a Mommy I was suppose to have a stomach of steel when it comes to my girls? I can handle (somewhat) diapers although out of the ordinary accidents (spillage, change in texture, etc) not good. I gag, my eyes water - it is quite sad.

I think of all the times my Mom cared for me when I was sick & I have a whole new respect & love for her. I remember her wiping my face with the cold cloth, rubbing my back as I was sick, and taking care of my every need. Oh and did I mention she never gagged? She had a stomach of steel!

I pray that my girls feel the heartfelt care I work my best to give (despite the gags) and don't notice my shortcomings as much as I do. I may not have a stomach of steel but I will shower my sick little girls with love & pampering just like my Mom did. Cuz that is what I loved when I was little!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sleep . . . .

As I turn the alarm off at 7:30am I think to myself "tonight - I have to get to bed before midnight." Once I am up & my first cup of coffee has been consumed - my desire to run back into the bedroom & jump under those warm & cozy blankets begins to fade.

Shortly after supper the need for my cozy bed begins again. I can hear her calling once all the dishes are in the dishwasher - Sadie is bathed & I sit for a moment to collect my thoughts. But then moments later it is time to fold laundry, put Sadie to bed, get Skylar in the shower, read with Skylar & get Skylar to bed. As I read with Skylar I can hardly keep my eyes open - Come to bed with me Mommy - you look so tired. Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhh it is so tempting!

I get Skylar off to sleep & move to making lunches & suddenly I have energy & want to watch all my taped shows, read my book, play my DS, check out face book, chat on the phone, and the list goes on & on.

Dang it - here we go again - it is Midnight!

I guess the draw of "me" time takes precedence over sleeping. The moment the house is quiet & no little bodies are following me around the house or crawling on me I get a new wave of energy. I love these few hours when all is quiet - the girls are snug & safe in bed & I can do my thing without interruption.

But oh boy - tomorrow morning I will start things all over again with "Tonight I am definitely going to get to bed before midnight!" Mmmmhmmmm sure.