Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bounce - Bounce - Bounce

Well with the snow settling into Winnipeg I decided it was time to find some healthy indoor activities for the girls.

I washed up some of the outdoor toys (the slide, spinner) and bought a playmat puzzle for the basement. The girls have been having fun in their new area.

I have two friends who both bought for their kids mini trampolines. Everytime my kids go to their homes they bounce away. So I headed to Walmart & looked through the fitness department for a mini trampoline. There it was for a mere $40. My girls have been jumping since. What an awesome buy! They love it. Right now it is in the living room so that they can jump under supervision & while listening to music - we will see how long I can handle that before it moves down stairs.

A great buy for getting rid of some winter energy!

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