Friday, September 18, 2015

Um Hello? Are you still there?

I know what you are thinking.  Wowee it has been way too long!  And it has!

Being a Mommy and Wife and Sister and Daughter and Friend is takes a lot of time!

Instead of re-hashing my missed years we are just gonna start today!

A new phase of my life has begun and I have to admit it is both exciting and scary all at once.  Both my girls are in school full time and I am now forced to look in the mirror and determine what is next.  I am one to plan, plan, plan and I had it all worked out.   God very quickly stopped the plan.  Things fell apart and all that was planned was no more.  A day of sulking and panic ensued but a good talk with my two besties and I have a new perspective.  Why not let God unfold my future?  Why not focus on him and my family and wait.

I am blessed with a husband that can tow the financial line and with a few casual work jobs we are gonna be just fine.  I am able to work a few days doing things I love, volunteer at my girls school, and keep our home sane.  Now does this mean I am not gonna work if the opportunity arises?  Nope - but I am gonna be thankful for what I have here and now.  I am gonna cherish my time and use it well.  Every family has its own rhythm and plan.  I am not to compare, judge, or envy.  I need to focus on us and what is best for us here and now.  For today that is me at home working casually.

I'm thankful for my more "mature" (loving my 40's) understanding of life and the ability to see things in a different perspective.  Having my girls later in life & having such difficulty getting a family I understand how precious it is.  I love my girls so much and I am so thankful for the ability to be there before and after school just a bit longer.

And I naturally can't end without a picture of my beauties.  This is their first day of school pic.   Sadie is going into Grade 1 and Skylar Grade 8.   If you are on your toes you will see there are no shoes on my gals.  Daddy wanted the pic taken before he headed off to work so it was "staged".  And in perfect Winnipeg fashion it was very chilly.  Hence the chattering teeth.


  1. Can't wait to share with you as God reveals his plans for you and your family. And so happy I get to keep seeing you on Tuesday mornings! xoDarla