Monday, September 28, 2015


If you know me at all you know that I am generally not a nostalgic person.  I love to purge, don't collect, love to keep things basic, and struggle to understand my nostalgic best friends "treasures".

But since I have hit my 40's I have discovered that there is a bank of memories that I do cherish & I have tried to embrace them.

When I was little my family had an angel that topped our tree each year.  Each Christmas I had with D'Arcy I would tell him about it when we were decorating & explain how Colleen & I fought over hanging her on the tree.   I would describe her glittery wings & halo and how she floated on a cloud.  She was so beautiful!   A few years ago on a whim I did a search for a vintage angel tree topper & there she was!  I cannot tell you how excited I was.  And she was for sale!  Now when she came I think that D'Arcy was a little shocked at how basic she was - but to me she was just as beautiful as when I was little & now each year my girls fight to put her on the tree.

As kids Colleen and I had certain things we loved to play over & over again.  Barbies & store.  Not just any store - Button store.  We would put up our mom's ironing board get out the monopoly money & button jar & set up our shop.  We would group all the gold & shiny buttons together.  We would spend hours playing.  I loved telling the story to my friends as an adult.  My nostalgic bestie Melissa blessed me with an amazing Christmas gift by giving me a jar of buttons & I can't explain how much that meant to me.  She understood my memories & understood I cherished them so much.  Now each day I smile as I get ready & pass my button jar on my dresser.  Who would think a jar of buttons was such a treasure?

As a child I loved going to my Auntie Margaret's house.  She was always spoiling us with love & attention & I loved to hang with my cousins Jeff & Shannon.  My Auntie Margaret is one of those ladies that has a spotless house & it is always so well decorated.  I remember fondly walking into my Aunts house & having the smell of Pine-Sol waft at me.  Pure bliss for this gal.  Now with my own home I love to get out the Pine-Sol and wash my floors.  Each time I get a whiff of that smell I am back at my Auntie Margaret's giggling and playing.  Lately it has been a great reminder too for me to pray for my Auntie Margaret - she hasn't been feeling too hot so while washing my floors & smelling Pine-Sol,  I pray for her and thank God for all the amazing things she is to me.

So I guess what I am trying to say is Nostalgia isn't so bad.  In fact I might even love it.  It is something that takes you back to those great moments in life that live deep down in your soul.  It gives you a warm feeling inside & a big smile on your face.  Now don't get me wrong - I am still all about no clutter & purge, purge, purge.  But if my house is burning down - I am grabbing my family, button jar, angel & Pine-Sol.

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