Sunday, November 6, 2011

Operation Christmas Child

Each year I take part in the Operation Christmas Child shoebox drive. I get my shoebox & fill it with treats & goodies for a little one somewhere in the world who needs a little love.

This year we took part especially for our girls. It is tough for them to grasp what it is like (well really for any of us!) to live in a third world country & the hardships children their age experience each day. Searching for food, clean water, yearning to attend school.

So last sunday we picked up our Christmas boxes at church & Friday night we headed to Dollarama to fill it with goodies. The girls loved picking items to send & really looked for something "their girl" would like. Sadie even picked out some really cute items for her box. When we got home we put the items into our boxes (and had to create another box since we went a bit overboard!) and the girls coloured & decorated their boxes.

This morning we sealed the boxes and the girls were so excited to bring their boxes to church for the Christmas box service. Sadie had to carry her box into church all by herself & she actually struggled with it but would not give it to us - she had to carry it. Skylar took the 3 boxes to her class & then during the service placed the boxes on the large pile at the front of the church. We then watched a video of the kids around the world receiving the boxes.

The whole experience was certainly two fold. Our children need to remember those around us who are in need. Even if those in need are halfway around the world. I want them to grow up socially aware and empathetic. I am also thankful we were given the opportunity to give our meager gifts to 3 deserving children in the world & pray they are blessed by our very small sacrifice.

Take the time to so something for a small child who needs something to smile about! Do a Christmas box for Operation Christmas Child.

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  1. I should do it with my kids. It's definitely something that they could understand in some way already! My daughter Jordan is 6 and she was all pumped for the Unicef collecting this year, so I know that doing a shoe box would be a good experience for her.